Hill Country

yaupon at jacob's well

Downstream   18″x24″   Oil on Panel

Mason county 12"x16" $350

Mason County   12″x16″ SOLD

Mt Laurel 6"x8"$100

Mountain Laurel   6″x8″

Ribbon of Sky 6"x6" $100

Ribbon of Sky   6″x8″

On Barbary Ridge 9"x9" $150

On Barbado Ridge   9″x9″

Mt Laurel and Prickly Pear 9"x9" $150

Mountain Laurel and Prickly Pear   9″x9″

Red Oak 9"x9" $150

Red Oak   9″x9″

Claret Cup 8"x8" $125

Claret Cup   8″x8″

Llano River 12"x16" $350

Llano River   12″x16″


Fall on Enchanted Rock

Fall on Enchanted Rock   38″x48″

Prickly Pear (Opuntia) 18x23

Prickly Pear (Opuntia) 18×23


Hill Country Ledge 36″x30″




Caliche Pit 8″x8″

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