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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Lona- I saw your lovely paintings in the Red Bud Cafe. I truly like your work ! I especially liked 2 of the larger ones !!! I would like to know if you ever paint water scenes, like water falls or running water surrounded by trees ? I would be very interested in finding out if you do. Thank you, Leslie Trammell

  2. Hi Leslie. I’m glad you enjoyed the show and glad that you reached out to let me know! I do occasionally paint water scenes, sometimes a small puddle contrasting with a dry landscape and sometimes flowing water. I will see if I can add them to the website and will let you know if I’m successful. Thanks again, Lona

  3. Hello again, Leslie. I have created a page titled “Water” and added a few pieces. These water paintings have been sold. I haven’t produced one in a while. Hmmm…

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